Miley Cyrus in lingerie on satin bed sheets

Miley Cyrus in lingerie

Looks like our not-so-sweet little Miley Cyrus has gotten into the bad habit of remaining in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.  New hot and suggestive photos of the teen has surfaced again on the internet where the 18 year old can clearly be seen sprawling on a bed with satin sheets.  But the good news-or the bad news for some-is that this time the teen is covering most of her private parts. 

Wearing a black lingerie top and black bikini bottoms with fire red high heels the teen is seen with her legs wide open giving a full view of her crotch, with the eyes fixed on her iPhone.  The photos surfaced only a few days after Scarlett Johansson’s nude pictures were published and Miley said that she remains grounded even after the publication of her photos claiming that it is a perfectly normal thing for a girl of her age to experiment her sexuality and try out new things.  But judging from the pictures, a different story can be told-Miley sure knows what she is looking for!



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